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Forte Hospitality Consulting provides professional support to Hotel Stakeholders to gain current industry knowledge.   For those who need personal assistance to rebound and emerge stronger from the COVID-19 Pandemic, you can select our specially tailored Rebounce Program.


In today’s unprecedented environment where telecommuting is the new reality of work, we are dedicated to assist you to focus on your core business interests online and at your own convenience.   We are rolling out this cost-effective, reliable and affordable approach to support you.


Our Forte Hospitality Team stands ready to provide you with professional advice as your Trusted Advisor, virtually with you providing step-by-step guidance.  True to our mission, we will passionately share our experiences and  provide the most effective solutions and profitability in Hospitality Business.

The COVID-19 crisis situation is unlike anything the world has experienced. As a Hotel Owner, you may not necessarily have a strategic view of the stakes. Indeed, overwhelmed by unforeseen operational tasks, Hotel management tends to take an overly optimistic view of reality and not think ahead to make big decisions that have a significant impact on the future of the company. For this purpose, Forte Hospitality Consulting Team can be called upon to be your Trusted Advisor or Asset Manager to play a supportive role and allow owners / shareholders to benefit from the necessary skills to make crucial decisions.

As a Trusted Advisor, we will play the role of facilitator between the Owner and the hotel operator or management to ensure adequate and timely communication with stakeholders.  In addition, we can confidently raise all ideas and information, including signs of both weakness and strength in the company's governance. We will propose solutions to problems in a constructive and collaborative manner, while bringing our expert knowledge to allow the necessary transformations in the organization.




Due to the current COVID-19 Pandemic, we place our emphasis on assisting Hotel Owners to restart their operations and move ahead of their business recovery. 


4 Key modules includes:

  • Guest Experience (*Health#Care Program)

  • Market Presence

  • Revenue Generation

  • Financial Returns

* Health#CARE - Holistic Approach to take care of guests and associates #CARE - Clean And Refresh Everything


We adhere to International health and safety protocols covering various touch points from Pre-Arrival to Guest’s Departure.  We formulate Enhanced Standard Operating Procedures in all aspects of Hotel Operations and Installations.


Due to the prolonged Pandemic crisis, we can assist you in adopting a strategic thinking process in our marketing.  Together we can develop realistic and achievable targets to strengthen your market positioning.


We take a deep dive approach to challenge the Sales, Revenue and Marketing Team to look for revenue streams in the New Normal and spend precious funds wisely, targeted by advertising mediums to maximise returns.  We can assist to analyse the need for a PR agency.


  • Source Markets

  • Market Segments

  • Brand Awareness

  • Property Positioning

  • Website/Content Positioning

  • Digital Marketing

  • Social Engagement/Influencers

  • Innovative Packaging & Promotions

  • CRM analysis & Loyalty program



To prepare for the unprecedented business environment, we need to act quickly and decisively in all Sales and Revenue strategies.  We will soon have to navigate in uncharted waters to shift to the new paradigm of business generation.  We will guide you through a systemic and realistic approach to achieve the desired revenue goal.


  • Rate Structures and Pricing - online rates or promotion/packages

  • Market segmentation

  • Channel Mix - New partners or Channels

  • Distribution Network

  • Re-engaging Key Partners & Geo-targets Website SEO & SEM

  • Sales Team/Coverage

  • Sales Projections including Upselling & Incentive Programs

  • Key Reports Analysis

  • Flexible Pricing, Terms & Mindsets

  • Creative Revenue Streams

You may request for a free 30-minutes consultation by filling our key information sheet.

Our hourly rates and packages are from USD 200 per hour upwards.       

Now you can fulfill your business needs professionally despite the COVID-19 situation which has caused a negative impact on many businesses and individuals globally.   We are here to assist you to adapt to the new reality and challenge the status quo. 


Contact us today: enquiry@fortehc.com and learn on how we can be your reliable, on-demand virtual business partner.   

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