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FORTE Hospitality Virtual Advisory is a dedicated online meeting session bringing together hospitality associates and property owners to access bespoke advices and advisory services from FORTE Hospitality Consulting experts with minimized risk, time, and costs. 


Understanding what strategies and management practices result in increased cash flow and value is the key to asset management. We will make detailed recommendations on how to improve business performance while evaluating your internal processes against the best the industry can offer. Our approach is always to maximize the value of our client’s interests and to ensure a hotel asset is performing to the best of its ability 





Due to the current COVID-19 Pandemic, we place our emphasis on assisting Hotel Owners to restart their operations and move ahead of their business recovery. 


4 Key modules includes:

  • Guest Experience (*Health#Care Program)

  • Market Presence

  • Revenue Generation

  • Financial Returns

* Health#CARE - Holistic Approach to take care of guests and associates #CARE - Clean And Refresh Everything


We adhere to International health and safety protocols covering various touch points from Pre-Arrival to Guest’s Departure.  We formulate Enhanced Standard Operating Procedures in all aspects of Hotel Operations and Installations.


Due to the prolonged Pandemic crisis, we can assist you in adopting a strategic thinking process in our marketing.  Together we can develop realistic and achievable targets to strengthen your market positioning.


We take a deep dive approach to challenge the Sales, Revenue and Marketing Team to look for revenue streams in the New Normal and spend precious funds wisely, targeted by social and digital marketing thrust through effective advertising mediums to maximise returns. 


We can assist to analyse the need for a PR agency.



To prepare for the unprecedented business environment, we need to act quickly and decisively in all Sales and Revenue strategies.  We will soon have to navigate in uncharted waters to shift to the new paradigm of business generation. 


We will guide you through a systemic and realistic approach to achieve the desired revenue goal from comprehensive review of Market Segment, Pricing, Channel & Distribution Mix and Sales efforts &projections.


We are offering a complimentary 60-minutes consultation, for a limited time only.

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Now you can fulfill your business needs professionally despite the COVID-19 situation which has caused a negative impact on many businesses and individuals globally.   We are here to assist you to adapt to the new reality and emerge stronger. 


Act NOW: enquiry@fortehc.com and learn on how we can be your reliable, on-demand virtual business partner.